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Amphetamine is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD. It works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain. Amphetamines belongs to a class of drugs known as stimulants. It can help increase your ability to pay attention, stay focused on an activity, and control behavior problems.


In adults, who are either starting treatment for the first time or switching from another medication, the recommended dose of Amphetamine is 20 mg/day. It should only be used for a short time (a few weeks) in people who have not lost enough weight with other treatments.


Get emergency medical help if you have side- effects from Amphetamines:
•    Chest pain
•    Muscle twitches
•    Vision changes
•    Aggression
•    Hostility
•    Numbness
•    Unexplained wounds
•    Paranoia
•    Nosebleeds
•    Impotence
•    Weight loss
•    Unpleasant taste


Interaction with disease:
•    Overactive thyroid
•    Tension
•    Congenital heart defect
•    Epilepsy
•    Coronary artery disease
•    Blood circulation problems

Interaction with Food/Drug:
•    Vitamin C
•    Fruit juices
•    Alcohol


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12 reviews for Amphetamine

  1. SymptomSavant

    For my limited purposes, Evekeo has worked great. I use it as a booster dose late in the day. The difference between this med and Adderall is that Evekeo is 50/50 d- and l-amphetamine, whereas Adderall is 75% d/25% l. Theoretically, that change to 50/50 should decrease the “high” dopamine feeling mg-for-mg and increase norepinephrine release which could increase cardiovascular side effects. But for me, I only take 10 mg, so it’s like a cup of coffee with better focus late in the day. At higher doses, maybe Adderall would be better, but as a booster, I find Evekeo to be effective and free of any significant side effects.”

  2. KellyDoc

    (amphetamine): “My 5 1/2 year old son was given this in the past month. We switch from Quillivant XR. This is much better for him. He thinks much more clearly, can focus, have a conversation. He doesn’t have the anxiety that Quillivant was causing or the emotional crash when the medicine wore off. It’s very expensive even with insurance since it’s so new, but the doctor gave us a discount card to make it very affordable and another problem is all pharmacies don’t carry it. Overall much better for his ADHD and fewer side effects. His school even noticed an immediate difference.”

  3. Goddyson

    “My daughter has been on a few other medications. The first one worked well with a few long melt downs. They switched her to quallichew and that made her angry and defiant. She was just switched to this Dyanavel a week ago, and it’s been amazing so far. Not 1 melt down about anything which is huge for her! Seems to be focused and overall a sweet and happy girl. Pray it stays this way!”

  4. Meally

    (amphetamine): “I have taken medication to help with my ADHD since I turned 8 years old. I have struggled to come to terms with the fact I need medication every day to function how society needs me to. I have tried 7 different medications from the start of my diagnosis until now ( I am 23). This medication Adzenys XR- ODT is the best that I have taken so far. The best part is that I am not afraid to have it just starting out at my desk or at home. Now one really knows what it is and so they will be less likely to steal it. It works great and never drowns me out.”

  5. Disorder

    Have been dx’d with ADD since 2nd grade and… I have been on every drug for ADD ( including Strattera, for which I found no effectiveness whatsoever). I take 30 mg. XR am and 15 mg. XR at 2:00 pm. It has changed my life. I am organized and don’t need lists anymore. As important, I am not driving those around me crazy anymore!!!!

  6. Lulu1988

    I have bipolar I disorder with psychotic and depressive features and a diagnosis of ADHD. I take meds for all three conditions. I take Vyvanse 50mg in the AM. When that wares off, I take Evekeo 10 mg twice every 4-5 hours, PM. I also take my stimulants with Ativan as I also have anxiety too. Evekeo is perfect for me. It doesn’t make me feel hyper nor does it give me that ‘high’ feeling. It normalizes me and I can actually be driven and calm at the same time. Since I take two stimulants, you’re probably wondering how in the world. All I can say is that Vyvanse doesn’t last all day long for me, so I supplement with Evekeo. I take Evekeo once Vyvanse wares out. I’m happy with them both.”

  7. Steven Mannlick

    Better Than Coffee; Easier on the Stomach I was finally diagnosed with ADD, Inattentive Type, two years ago. Taking Adderall-XR, 30 mg, once a day makes an incredible difference. It allows ME to shine through the grouchy, unfocused human who otherwise would rule my body. I like the time-release version of this drug, which had just been released prior to my diagnosis. I do have (and use) “regular” Adderall, and in my younger years bought “Black Beauties” and consumed huge amounts of caffeine and energy drinks to function, but a time-release Adderall is something I hope will always be available to me.

  8. Moke

    Evekeo (amphetamine): “Evekeo works great. It’s milder in regards to excitability in comparison to Adderall. Evekeo is Amphetamine Sulfate and carries 50% dextroamphetamine and 50% levoamphetamine. Adderall is 75% dextroamphetamine and 25% levoamphetamine, so Evekeo is much smoother and wears off slowly vs adderall’s fluctuating tapering. It is much different than Adderall. Evekeo doesn’t make you feel wired like Adderall does. It’s a cleaner medicine. Evekeo is a freebase Amphetamine while Adderall has 4 different salts. I would recommend the makers of Evekeo to make higher milligram tablets. It’s similar to a 10mg Adderall IR. It’s just the ratio of ingredients that’s the difference. Duration is said by pharmacists to be 12 hr’s, buts more like 6.”

  9. Carterette

    My son has tried everything for ADHD. Vyvanse wears off too quickly and Adderall XR made him moody. We tried the dissolvable tablet but he hated the gritty orange flavor. As a last resort to going back to Vyvanse, the pediatrician put him on the new long acting Dyanavel XR. It lasts all day which is great for all the middle school homework he has in the evenings. My favorite thing about Dyanavel is that he still has his appetite and is sleeping well. The copay card made it cheaper than a generic too!”

  10. Paloma

    My son has been on this medication for over 2 years and it had been a lifesaver. He doesn’t turn into a zombie on it. He eats and sleeps well. Now my insurance is trying to deny him the meds until he’s tried everything else. Except he’s already tried everything else. I’m so over these insurance companies. They don’t want to see anyone get better.”

  11. Ghawk

    “After trying every methylphenidate and non-stimulant-based medication possible, my doctor told me that she was thinking of me when she read about Adzenys. She thought it would be a good fit. I can’t thank her enough! I know it’s only Day 1 but today my head has been clear, focused, I’ve been able to accomplish so many tasks! My feet are cold but that’s nothing new. I had the same side effect on methylphenidate.”

  12. Eviannes

    amphetamine): “After Adderal and Ritalin made me incredibly irritable, moody, and anxious I tried evekeo and it is my miracle drug! I’ve been on it for 2 years now and have no complaints. I recommend this drug if you have failed the more popular stimulants! 11/10 recomend!!”

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